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I Don't Eat Beans - Slay Queen Doreen Kabareebe

I Don't Eat Beans - Slay Queen Doreen Kabareebe
Photo: Unknown

City model and slay queen, Doreen Kabareebe loves and enjoys talking about herself. And when she speaks, she makes sure her remarks raise dust. If she was to be paid for every controversial comment she has made about herself, she would be richer.

In a new interview,  Kabareebe claimed she doesn’t eat beans.

“I hate beans. I grew up not eating them. Even if you put the best spices, I can never eat beans,” she made the wild allegations while appearing on a weekend show named Kitchen which airs on NBS TV.

Kabareebe’s statement was not well received by social media users who lambasted her for acting too important yet the makeup she wore that day was cheaper than a kilogram of beans. 

Rwigyema Ree on social media wrote, “If supermodels like Gigi Hadith eat beans, who are you?”

Observers say Kabareebe is never sincere in her media interviews. 

Not long ago, she made a wild claim that she is a virgin. 

That claim continues to be disputed.

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