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Mike Wine Kicks Off Wedding Meetings

Mike Wine Kicks Off Wedding Meetings
Photo: Unknown

Struggling musician Mike Wine is set to wed his wife, Shazney. He kickstarted the wedding meetings over the weekend.

The first meeting took place in Kireka at Eddy Yawe's home. It was attended by few friends and close family members who pledged support for the wedding.

"The meetings have officially started and Mike is excited. The wife's family also welcomed the idea of the wedding," an insider informed us.

Mike Wine explained he is inspired by his elders like Bobi Wine and Nubian Li who already tied knots with their wives. He wants to continue the culture of legalizing the bonking sessions.

In September, Mike Wine visited the wife's parents in a cultural ceremony known as "Kukyaala" and promised a wedding to Shazney. Together they share three children.

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