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I Struggled after quitting alcohol - Nina Roz 

I Struggled after quitting alcohol - Nina Roz 
Photo: Unknown

Musician Nina Roz opened up about her struggles with drug addiction and alcohol abuse that took a toll on her life about two years ago.

Nina Roz worked very hard to quit the habits before starting campaigns to help other musicians battling with the same problem.

Everything worked out as she planned, and it seems she recovered.

While appearing on Galaxy FM, Nina Roz disclosed that she struggled to live a normal life after ditching the vice.

The “Omuliro” musician said she now occasionally enjoys wine and champagne.

 “ When I quit alcohol, I struggled with the urge to drink. Slowly, with the support of my friends, I stopped taking drugs and alcohol. I have not gone back to my old ways but I  now enjoy some champagne and wine,” Nina Roz narrated her struggles with drugs and alcohol.

Nina Roz was seen galloping Wine while at the Kansanga based radio station the same day she made the remarks.

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