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Untold story: How Money Destroyed the Marriage of Fabiola’s Parents 

Untold story: How Money Destroyed the Marriage of Fabiola’s Parents 
Photo: Unknown

Money makes life easy, but it also causes war.   Anita Fabiola’s family is on the verge of disintegration due to money.

While her fiancé’s deep pockets have enabled her to live a life of luxury, it has also caused havoc in the household of her parents.

Howwe has learned that Fabiola’s parents are no longer sharing a bed due to issues stemming from the way Fabiola’s boyfriend, Mark Mubiru finances her mother's lifestyle.  

This has made her feel more superior to her husband, Mathias Mugisha.

He doesn’t agree with the arrangement as it makes him feel less of a man. 

And he deliberately refused to acknowledge Mark as her daughter’s future husband.

It is also reported that Mugisha’s financial muscle has depreciated over the years, and it is for this reason that his wife and children no longer give him the respect he wants.

It is also alleged that Fabiola wants her father to vacate their family home for her mother.

“Mugisha has never met Fabiola's boyfriend, Mark. Mark is very close to  Fabiola’s mother. He gives her money to sustain the family. It is this dependency on Mark that Mugisha refuses to tolerate,” our source told this website.

Just a week or so ago, a voice note leaked in which Fabiola was heard abusing her father for being violent towards her brother.

Mugisha then took to social media to say he was contemplating suicide due to the disrespect from her daughter.

A meeting was, however, convened by family members to resolve the issues, but Fabiola and her mother missed the gathering.

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